Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Upgrade = Stress = Upgrade?

Recently my wife and I began having conversations around the nasty "U" word. This word often strikes fear in the hearts of the average man, as this word changes everything. This word locks us in, and throw away the keys, because after this word, nothing will be the same every again. EVER. That word is "upgrade". 

Currently we live in a slightly small but comfortable 3 bedroom house, which really is four bedrooms because the rumpus room (read "built in garage")  serves as a large study and hence we refer to it as a bedroom. But somehow, it's cramped. Getting the cars out for example, we have to move one out of the single carport/garage to get to the other and a few months ago when I had a motorbike, you basically had to move half the machinery on the entire block, just to go for a ride. Also, my little boy and I sometimes want to play ball. The tiny backyard is OK, but we're limited to a piece of grass on an uneven sloping surface and really, once we get this new swing set, we will be playing 'guess where the grass is' game. The kitchen too, is on the smallish side for us, as we're used to a bit more space from our last few places.

So yeah, upgrade. Not such a dirty word, is it? Well, unfortunately I think it is. We're on a single income and at this point in time, while we could upgrade to a nice pad, it would really tighten the belts. Not that there is anything wrong with a bit of extra forced savings as I like to call it, but somehow over the last two years or so, I've become accustomed to a certain relaxed spending mood and not minding having a bit of extra cash lying around now and again. 

In reality, an upgrade is out of the question right now, especially on a single income. Maybe soon...only time will tell. 

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