Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Are we all just idiots?

As I'm sitting here, sipping my Lipton English Breakfast, I'm on realestate.com.au looking at cheap houses in Queensland. Here is what I found:

This appears to be the cheapest, 'liveable' house in Queensland. It lives here

Wiki says this about Quilpie. It looks like an alright kind of place to live.

Upon closer inspection, the ants had become quite technologically advanced.
So the obvious question is, why am I paying a mortgage that is much much larger than this, spending less time with my family and/or doing the things I like, when I could be 'living' in such a place? Furthermore, why are people, some of whom are paying enormous mortgages much larger than mine, making ends meet, living beyond their incomes, doing what they do?

I suppose it's how we have all become; we live in cities, we watch television shows like 'Modern Family' and 'How I met Your Mother', we are lured in by the conveniences of urban life. With this comes a job, and a sizeable mortgage, and if you have kids, less and less time to actually be involved in their lives. OR, if you have a hobby, less time to devoted to this. Or if you want to get fit and healthy, finding the time to do these things regularly becomes a bit of a challenge. 

Questions: Can I do what I do here in Toowoomba, in Quilpie? 

Watch television: Yes, albeit it may be Imparja. The internet could help here tremendously though.
Access internet: Yes, worse case scenario is satellite.
Outings with the family: Yes, but seeing relatives is much more difficult, as they live in that other world far away.
Play badminton: Yes, but not like it is in Toowoomba, there would not be many players and the standard would be questionable. There'd be tennis as a n alternative.
Live: Yes
Get a coffee: Yes

Funny thing this 'living' is.

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