Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are prices getting cheaper or are we paying too many peanuts?

When it comes to house prices across this great brown land, there are many sources of confusion in today's mad media world. Are prices going up, are they stagnant, are my farts stagnant? Unfortunately there are contradicting thoughts coming from different commentators and nothing is as clear as they were lets say 10 years ago.

Prices get an erection, prices go limp...
The suburbs that I'm watching are no help either. One suburb in Tasmania seems to be on the up up and away, yet another suburb in Brisbane is probably THE definition of 'stable'. Reading into these two suburbs is a bit silly, it does however show that different markets still operate amongst not only our states, but within our cities and even sometimes within a suburb on different streets. 

If I try to sum up all that is going on with buying an investment property right now, I would say do A LOT OF RESEARCH. I don't mean like hours and hours on the internet, I mean days and days and weeks and weeks until you realise that you are doing the "haven't had a shower for a while and the skin on your arse is starting to rot from your computer chair" type of research. 

There are bargains out there everywhere at the moment, it's just a matter of picking the right suburb to go with it for future growth. 

Happy hunting.


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Thanks Matt, awesome info.

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