Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh the optimism of Spring

A lot of interesting traffic on Somersoft recently with noobs posting asking for advice, it all points to the typical sense that Spring brings with it all things good an prosperous. Strangely however, it seems that the lurkers are coming out of the jungle too, a few members who've come forward as the 'first time annoyer, long time lurker' who are ALREADY investors, asking for advice.  Let's decipher these posts:

'...oh, I already have an investment property...' really means '...I'm a noob but I have street cred so please don't hurt me...'

'...I have just come across some money...' really means '...I've just robbed a bank and need to offload the cash quickly...'

'...I don't know what to do...(followed later in the same post by)...but I'm going to buy a unit...'really means 'I just needed a sounding board and I really don't give a  shit about your opinions'

'...I've read a lot of posts here...' really means '...I've read the first two posts in one of the sections...'

These posts are a waste of everyone's time. Are they seeking financial advice? Investment advice? Life advice?

What is unfortunately more agonisingly annoying is the responses which I can summarise in two words: 'More info?'

So I've stopped reading these types of noob posts. Stop asking advice from investors who, on most fronts, made their wise investment choices in a different market, in a different time, and let's face it, in a different universe, where CG was just something that happened no matter where you bought.

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