Thursday, September 27, 2012

I think my brain has gone loopdy-loop!

Staring at the screen, my eyes bloodshot, my body trembling with the energy drink I've just consumed, my mind flying at 100 miles an hour, I am not doing anything special, just looking at our finances. You see, I've just sold my motorbike and it has made a slight change to our cash flow; I'm adjusting the spreadsheet to reflect the changes and just as a matter of curiosity, I check the bank balances. 

I've been putting cash away for a few months and have now amassed a small fortune the equivalent of which I could spend on a new, low-budget small car, you know, a Cherry or something. So I'm looking at this amount of cash, earning a modest percentage in an online saver, thinking surely there is a better use for it. And there is. I COULD put it onto one of our mortgages, heaven forbid, reduce our PPOR, but then I would be left thinking, where has this money gone? I had a moderate amount sitting in my account and now it's gone, only to reduce ONE massive mortgage by a small amount. Psychology is a funny thing.

In essence, I am wondering what to do with this money, because as nice at it is to look at, I'm reminded of a Pearl Jam song:

Oh what to do...the heart says keep it in there, looking nice and tasty, but the mind says, be logical, there are other more useful things you can do with it. 

But it looooks sooooo niiiiiceeeeeeeee!

Hmmm.......I think my brain has gone loopdy-loop.

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