Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Renovating our home; fraught with danger.

So finally all the paperwork has finished. Phew, a sigh of relief and then it's time to take another breath and realise that just around the corner, two days after settlement in fact, the renovating started. 

In the past, my first and second home, I quite enjoyed the odd round of renovating. Doing a kitchen, a dash of paint here and there, tiling and making a few changes, I never minded the often innovative work that is required to solve reno dilemmas. Two weeks ago, it was a different story.

The missus and I (well, me mainly) have decided that this house of ours in Toowoomba will be our home for a few years. No longer will I chase the dollar, but settle in, plant some seeds and relax for a while. This of course has meant.....serious renovating. I have been painting walls, looking at door frames for days on end and recently discovered the joys of using a 'chisel drill' to rip up tiles faster than you can say "put on some knee pads." 

It's been fun, but two weeks of go-go-go is starting to weigh on me, so I'm having an afternoon off and hence here I am blogging. And just to set the record straight, I'm not talking about "The Block" bullcrap renovating with contractors and $13,000 bathrooms, I'm talking about getting the job done myself.

I've attached some photos of the joy I have had over the last few days in particular, along with a small injury and plenty of good old fashioned hard work. I have a fair bit to go yet, but the quick progress I've made has given me encouragement to push on through, with a two week deadline before the removal truck comes, looming. 


During. Surprisingly a lot of blood for such a small cut. 

 Almost there.

 3 hours later; from go to finish. Now the fun bit.

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