Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cheapest 'livable' 3 bedroom houses in Australia!

It's that time of year again, when we do the rounds and find the cheapest livable (depending on your standards) stand alone homes across Australia (as searched on www.realestate.com.au). This year, I will rank them by price, by state. You will notice that NT and ACT are not represented; it must be bloody expensive to buy an 'entry' home in those territories. Enjoy:

6. MINNIPA, South Australia - $65,000 South Australia is the most expensive place to buy a crappy house! Who would have imagined! Terrowie took out the title for the cheapest place to buy in 2009, but in 2011, SA has become THE MOST expensive; go figure. Anyway, this house in Minnipa is actually quite cute and looks ready to move into today! I don't know much about this area, but this looks like a genuine bargain!

5. ZEEHAN, Tasmania - $59,500
Quite suprisingly, Tasmania did not take out the number one spot this year, considering the myriad of bargains that usually pop up in Queenstown. But in a strange twist, Zeehan has produced what must be the worst looking house on this list, at a relatively expensive $59,500. Let's face it people; crappy shed with windows and the usual mishmash of interior linings. LOVE IT!

4. MITCHELL, Queensland - $50,000
A lovely little town, Mitchell is just down the road from Roma on the way to Charleville. I won't say a lot about this one, except, that blue door ALONE is worth the money.

3. TINGHA, New South Wales - $45,000
Nothing says quality like a piece of miss-matched, ripped, green shade cloth hanging off your balcony, and you just know that the owner of this wonderfully crappy looking house has been watching Better Home and Gardens for styling cues. But, for $45,000, who cares! The town itself actually looks well positioned and it's rented!!! Jump in today!!! (PS. I bet it's gone within a week!)

2. BERRIWILLOCK, Victoria - $38,000
Alarm bells must ring when you look on a map and all you see are straight roads leading to this town, but this little gem in Berriwillock is just $38,000! You will probably catch asbestosis just by looking at it, but with the right attitude this place will come up a gem (to enjoy until you die from said asbestosis). Realistically, this place doesn't look all that bad, maybe I need to investigate further.

1. NORSEMAN, Western Australia - $35,000
Norseman feautured in the 2009 list and it's back again! The house you see below can be purchased for less than most new cars, but we still have people complaining about affordability! Yes, Norseman is in the middle of nowhere, and when you consider that you have to travel to Kalgoorlie just to do your shopping, it isn't a stone throw away from anywhere. Yes, the house looks like it was assembled by a blind drunk, but it's still standing and is an absolute bargain. The winner for 2011, NORSEMAN!


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