Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Renovation Update

I'm a bit tired as I sit here, ready to write a short piece, just to let you know how things have progressed since the great up-root and demolishment of the bathroom and toilet in my last post. 

The good news is, we have a functioning toilet. The room is almost finished with a bit more grouting to do, but overall, very happy with the crap room.

The not so good news is, there is still plenty to do in the bathroom. The bath in particular is throwing up all sort of weird and wonderful issues for me to solve, but for some unfortunate reason, I am going to have to cut both the top and bottom of the back of the bath under the window. I know, I know, somewhere along the line it just wasn't to be, but one part of the room had to bite the bullet and this was it; it kind of defeats the purpose of having larger tiles, but this is how it's going to have to be. I will post some pore pics when everything is getting a bit closer to completion.



Kylie Ofiu said...

Renovations are so much fun, aren't they? We have been doing our house too and it seems to just drag out, lol.

Hope yours gets finished soon.

Andrew K said...

Thanks for the encouragement Kylie. Not long now I hope.