Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to stocktake the portfolio

It's the end of financial year 09/10 and it's time for my little "business" to have a stocktake. So, let's see what we have now:

Bought this year:
1. Ingham (north Queensland) 3 bedroom highset. Currently our PPOR.

Continued to hold:
1. Ferny Hills (north Brisbane) 3 bedroom brick and tile. This was supposed to be our PPOR one day. Mortgaged. Rented. CF-
2. Invermay (Launceston, Tasmania) 3 bedroom + sunroom, dodgy weatherboard in an excellent location. Mortgaged. Rented (sort the process of eviction). CF-
3. Glen Aplin (near Stanthorpe, south Queensland), 810 square block in an old small subdivision. Sitting pretty. Not mortgaged. No income.
4. Lachlan (40min from Hobart) 29 acres of splendid mountain/valley/river/town views and about an 8 minutes drive to New Norfolk. Sitting pretty, but looking to do SOMETHING to derive income. Not mortgaged. No income.

Sold this year:
1. Toowoomba (1 hour west of Brissie) 3 bedroom colonial in a historic estate. Was a dog when it came to cash flow.

So overall, our portfolio has entered a "consolidation" phase. By buying Ingham to live in (in town, better for missus and myself), our earlier Toowoomba purchase had to go. Cash flow this year reduced thanks to my beautiful little baby boy arriving and allowing my missus to be a stay at home mum, which far outweighs the benefit of additional cash flow. This does hurt our ability to maintain a negatively geared portfolio though. Balancing act anyone?

So how are we travelling? With the sale of the Toowoomba dog, we are OK. Capital gain (CG) has, according to valuations, dropped, but I am putting that down to the bank being cautious. I think at worst, we have increased our CG by approximately 2% this year. In my day job, I have yet again received a pay rise, so things are comfortable, but that bloody Rich Dad, Poor Dad book is still fresh in my mind. Look out for news around a business I may be buying.

Where to in 10/11? The portfolio is negatively geared and our serviceability is low. There are a number of scenarios, such as further down selling, which could increase our ability to service another property or two, but do I really want to? It would involve selling Lachlan, the block which I think has so much potential. I can't bear the thought of "little short term gain" over the "massive capital gain" that COULD occur. It's all a question of time. I will probably put it on the market, mainly because I see bargains EVERYWHERE at the moment and I want to jump in...BUT CAN'T!!!!! I have found some very good properties, close to CF+ and in great up and coming areas....what to do, oh what to do???

PS. Don't forget to vote on the right, some clear patterns are developing, but it would be great to get a few more people's opinions.

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