Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chillin and chattin...

I've been enjoying a well earned break from my day job and in the two weeks of R&R, I've had a few chats about RE with my family. Not only had my sister and brother-in-law FINALLY bit the bullet and bought a 4 bedder (congrats by the way), but now my parents have began looking for a decent do-er-upper. I on the other hand have SOLD SOLD SOLD! That's right, finally out Toowoomba property has sold, and it was about time too...many delays with finance and banks doing valuations and paperwork and blah blah blah, but finally, it's all finished. So, I have now had a unique experience of owning a piece of property, had NEVER seen it in real life, and have now sold it!!! Did I make money? Not really, but it was a fire sale and ultimately for the greater good. Now the time has come to contemplate the next step, a step into maximisation, either to increase cash flow further, or, spend some dosh on our little Invermay property in Launceston. Either way, good time are ahead for finances for my little family.

My parents are looking for something on the Sunshine Coast that they can quickly kit out and on sell. I hope they go through with it, it will be a great learning experience for them. Dad can do the painting (oh, and if you need any painting done on the Sunshine Coast, give him a call, he is a perfectionist - 0438940634, qualified) and Mum has an eye for style.

Anyway, life is good in investment circles atm...ciao for now.

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