Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your Opinion - the 2010 Property Market

From the survey questions that you see on the right hand side of this wonderfully awesome blog, your opinions regarding the movement of property in 2010 has shown some interesting results. 23 people voted and overall, it seems we are continuing to be optimistic. 74% of you voted that at least, the property market will stay flat, while 35% overall thought property prices will continue on their merry way and that it will be business as usual.

I suppose the only information that is missing is whether the respondents were in fact home owners or investors or non-investors, or whether the responses were made by mindless bots trolling through the kazillion websites, voting at will, rendering any information derived from such polls as useless. We will never know, but let's for argument's sake maintain that it was indeed humans who responded.

A lot of what happens to property prices is down to sentiment. If we are happy and feel that property is a great investment vehicle, than our good sentiment will flow down through property, through shares, through business, down to the pockets of all Australians as we continue to relentlessly increase the prices of homes in this great, and often dry, land.

I think for quite some time we will see this positive sentiment continue, especially if the upcoming election, inflation rates and RBA decisions go in investors' favour.

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