Friday, April 17, 2009

WOW...just WOW!!!

Having re-read my ramblings from the past two years, I am wondering what sort of drugs I was on. They must have been good, because almost all of my past predictions have now been proven incorrect. In my defence, the impact of the US subprime market was huge, the scope of which is still to be fully felt. 

Market Commentary: In the last few months, the lower end of the market has definitely been given a boost and its great to see the flock of first home owners entering the market. I too have bought two properties, albeit not very well, but still, they are easy to hold and are strategical purchases based on location, not real current value. 

A side note: Initially, I was very impressed with a building inspection I received not long ago for one of my purchases. Just one month later, I get an email saying there is mould in one of the rooms and that the roof is leaking, none of which was pointed out in the report. Not happy JAN!!!!

Also, I have a new website with an irrelevant name, but it's basically the same information, but now with added knowledge! I have learned a few more things this past year and you the readers benefit. Have fun everyone!

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