Friday, April 17, 2009

Something you may not have known about our banks...

The other month, my bank manager got a shock when I refinanced and took all my business away from the money hungry, paperwork losing, miss-communicating bank. Unfortunately I ended up with another money hungry, paperwork losing, miss-communicating bank, which begs the question, are all middle managers and loan account personnel in major banks idiots?

While I let you ponder over that question, I did bring up this topic for a reason. The banker called me, that's right, personally called me and asked why I hadn't spoken to him. So I proceeded to tell him, using very simple language just to make sure he understood, that my broker found a better deal. What happened next surprised me. He said, "You know I could have matched that rate?"

This blew me away. Is it possible that I can haggle and bargain my way to better deals with the banks? Is it possible that all those published rates are a crock of shit and I am actually able to "shop around" until I get to the lowest rate?

He actually informed me that yes, he is able to offer better rates to keep my business and to continue to use the services of his money hungry, paperwork losing, miss-communicating bank (lets call itmhplmcb for short).

Next time it comes time to refinance, I will put this to the test with my new mhplmcb. Maybe you should try it too...:)

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