Monday, December 16, 2013 the hell are you doing?

I'm in a bit of a whiny mood tonight so I thought I'd share one of my biggest bugbears tonight; the bloody app. And just for a bit of icing on the cake, the map function on the regular website.

Now I'm not 100% sure about this, but real estate is a pretty hot topic on most adults' lips these days (well, those that have some form of cash flow anyway). And of course our love addiction with all things technology naturally leads us to our wonderful smartphones. It is here where I assume A LOT of visitors are starting to migrate to. Now lets get this straight from the onset; I have been using since 1876 and I absolutely love most elements of it. That is until I made the switch to smartphones in 2008 and found the initial version of the app not long after (I think it was 2010 roughly...). It used to be OK. Of course since then there has been a number of updates and variations and all sorts of fancy functionality had been introduced, but what we have now is a complete stuff up. The app is bloody hopeless. The maps function on the regular website is a pile of shit. Apologies for the bluntness.

I think I could poo poo a better map function out of my poo poo hole while I was sleeping dreaming of poo poo. I mean come on...really? Large balls and useless zooming in and out that resets as soon as you look at a property? And the 'refinements" you speak of...what the f!@# is that? Half the time they don't even work and you can only refine a few elements. I rate is -10000/10.

Seriously, you would have received feedback about this. I bet you have. Now how about you move one million into development, get me on board and we'll sort this shit out.

You know, just because I love you.


You used to be thin and you're covered in warts and look like a walrus.


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adamsAuwebinar said...

its gon to the dogs> but hopefully after core logic takeover will improve .hopefully not worse off

looking forward to it