Friday, December 6, 2013

A few months later in the land of OZ.

The 2013 winter is behind us now and with the renewed economic stability we're receiving here in Australia, the property market is starting to perk up a bit; it's time  for a new post.

Again I've had an extended sabbatical from this blog; work, life, kids....something had to give and blogs was pretty much it over the last 5 months or so.

A bit has happened since. My family has started to look for something different. If you read my blog regularly enough, you'd get the overall feeling that I'm not a big fan of suburbia. I'm not a big fan of living with your window coverings almost permanently closed and am definitely not a fan of not being able to walk around nude in my backyard. So we've been looking; with the sole criteria of a property where I can walk around completely nude without anyone seeing me. This has lead to a few properties which fit, but the one I really liked was a 144 acre bush block. It had everything ready for the picking...some development, a lot of virginal bush, far away yet close enough (sort of).

The main challenge to buying such a block to live on is very much about choice for kids. Buying a bush block basically:

1. Limits you to your nearest school. The next nearest would be ages away.
2. Limits you in terms of sporting opportunities. Although there'd be enough space to flatten an oval or two.
3. Limits you to a 'run down to the shops'.
4. Limits you to the type of car you can realistically have.
5. Limits you to checking out tractors akin to checking out Lamborghinis.

Anyway, the space and the opportunity to make a huge block mine, the way I like it, is indeed compelling. Have any of you made the switch to a rural block?


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