Friday, July 1, 2011

The frustrations of getting a settlement through

As I sit here, I am beginning to feel a bit of rage; actually, quite a bit of RAGE! You see, we have been trying to settle on a new home, a home for my family. From the get go, we have had delays. Now, after a few more weeks, there is ANOTHER LENGTHY DELAY. The matter should have settled on Monday, but now we have the seller taking their time to sign transfer papers and here we are, trying to take possession so that we can move in before our second little protein bundle enters our lives in about 6 weeks or so. It seems none of this matters to anyone really, not our broker, not the bank, not our solicitors, not their solicitors, not the seller. I'm probably just venting a bit, but we are powerless to push anything through. I do get a bit peeved (I could have used a much worse adverbial phrase there) though, when we hear statements such as 'They forgot to post it...' and 'He forgot to send it Express...' and 'He got his brother to post it...', which by the way, must be utter bullshit, since it's now been almost a week for this envelope to travel approximately 120km. So, I think Melinda hit the nail on the head when she suddenly realised they are probably stalling for the financial year; it all makes sense. Doesn't make our predicament any better though...NOT HAPPY JAN!

Hopefully next week I'll have some more positive news.

Rant over.

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