Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blog Update

After seeing The Richest Girl in Bondi's blog, and really enjoying some of her content, I realised that perhaps this blog needed a bit of light. Although I like to see dark and black backgrounds, it dawned on me that perhaps my readers (I know you're out there) may appreciate a more upbeat and 'lighter' viewing experience. So, I have changed the blogspot template, with a hope that you the reader will enjoy the viewing experience a bit more. Your feedback appreciated.

Also, I have taken the step to purchase since the domain was already taken by someone (I wonder if it's me also, from a few years back). ANYWAY, I noticed I was not getting any hits from Google's Australian sub-search and that I did not show up on the first 20 pages when typing in 'property investing in australia' as separate keywords; hopefully this domain name will rectify this issue and hence, get more Google links. At the moment, I am lucky to get one search hit per day, versus about 5-6 hits from websites. I'll keep you posted on the results.



Phil said...

Come back to the dark background side!

Andrew K said...

You are not my father!!!! NOOOOOO!