Thursday, April 23, 2009

What does a property investor smell like?

I often wonder what the "typical" property investor looks, feels and smells like. Are they some super human being, who is constantly vigilant, scanning real estate websites, so engrossed in the notion of finding cash flow positive properties that they haven't showered in a week, building a portfolio with a  value in the millions, spending their hard earned cash (or using their equity through a line of credit) to keep the properties? Is a property investor a human, like you and me, who spends SOME of their spare time searching now and again, keeping an eye on the market, with perhaps a property or three? Or is it someone who struggles to hold onto one property?

I guess there is no "stereotypical" investor. There are about as many different people with as many different approaches as there are ways of wiping your bottom and hence defining the average is futile. 

This brings up an interesting thought: Can all people be investors? Does it only take the right mindset to make things happen and to enter the heady world of PPORs, IPs, LOCs, CF+ and CF-, SANF and SMSFs.... maybe it is, because currently, anyone with a decent credit rating and as little as $50 spare a week, can enter the property investing market. Anyone with an itch to scratch when it comes to investing should start scratching like there is no tomorrow, because market conditions are so favourable, only a dodo wouldn't invest. UNLESS, you are like me and have over capitalised, you should have a go...

Market commentary:  A lot of talk about the removal of negative gearing with the upcoming tax reforms. I for one would like to see them stay and history tells us, they will NEVER be removed again, but you just never know.....there are some funny folks up the top these days...


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