Tuesday, August 28, 2007

IP number 5 on its way!!!

Well, we've put a contract on a house in Ferny Hills. After missing out on getting a contract accepted for another place, this one looks better and I think its in a great location! Anyway, I have to say that at the moment, Kallangur is THE place to invest. Just a stone throw from the city (well, more like a gun shot), is still has houses around the 300K mark AND some really nice houses for just a bit more. We saw over 12 houses in one day and generally, I see this area as a great investment "hotspot". The other area I fancy is Caboolture, about 30/40min north of Brissy...great shopping, closer to beaches than Brisvegas and low entry costs...what more could you ask for? Maybe a new Uni, new developments and good stable land...buy buy buy!!!

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