Saturday, December 15, 2012

Humid, humid Brisbane

The City of Sweat
I'm staying in Brisbane tonight, on the northern side, not far from the Bruce Highway. I can just hear the cars, the trucks, the slightest echo of travel wheezing by at breakneck speeds, wondering what important places people need to be at this time of night.

The thing is, I like this place. It's handy to everywhere, the house is small but nice and it's been a place we have visited over and over again for almost 16 years now. What I don't like is the humidity.

Every time we come here, it feels like a sauna. Not that saunas are bad; I love to sweat now and again and I love the feeling that comes with cooling down after such a sweatfest. I do however hate sleeping in the heat and Brisbane unfortunately gets to the uncomfortable humidity level more often than not.

Yet many many people choose to live in this city. Do they like the weather? Do they like to choose to either sweat continuously until they become a sticky mess, or, choose to rather pump air con which, let's face it, is killing the planet. Neither really appeal to me, and it's times like this I love Toowoomba again.

I then get confused as to why houses prices are so much more here than in the town I call home right now. The climate, in my opinion, is 10 times better in Toowoomba, you can actually see four seasons and really, it's quite an awesome place. But obviously this isn't a factor for most, as if it was, Toowoomba would be the capital by now. So the obvious conclusion is that climate, while important for some people, has no bearing on house prices.

In other news, I think finally conditions might be right for a bit of movement in house prices in Queensland. The recent rate drop, the strength of the job market, the flatness in real estate all point to a buying frenzy. I do hope it happens, the markets need a bit of a boost.


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