Friday, December 7, 2012

Brisbane Property Market: The Outskirts

And the winner is: Housing Commission House of the Year, 2012
Recently I've had a fascination with trying to secure a cheap property in one of the fringe suburbs of Brisbane. When I mean 'fringe', I mean fringe. I mean 'fringe' like Caboolture, Moronfield, Kingston or Woodridge. These aren't technically "Brisbane" but they are not far away. It's the type of suburbs that are chosen by those who couldn't be bothered; just a place to live, no McMansions around here. 

And the entry prices are dropping. I mean $220,000 dropping. This is good news for me, as I'm in the 'couldn't be bothered' category at this stage of my life and I live in a Toowoomba suburb in such a house. So the question is, should I buy? Are these properties worth it? Is an investment NOW in one of these 'burbs  going to pay dividends in, let's say, 5 years? 

All very tough questions with unfortunately ambiguous answers. Stay tuned, I may be reporting a new acquisition soon.


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Andrew said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mr Damage,

I hope to post more often, but it's case of hot and cold, sometimes I'm really in the mood, then I slacken off again.

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aliah said...

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