Sunday, August 26, 2012

What has happened recently...

Well, after our block of land down in Tasmania finally settled, we are in a 'solid' position as far as our portfolio is concerned. 

As the title eludes, I want to talk to day about what has happened recently to me, and possibly more importantly, my life circumstance, which has once again changed my mindset and has re-defined what the end goal should be. So in the last few months I have been contemplating HITTING THE BUTTON (HTB). HTB for me basically means to totally get out of property investing by consolidating all investments to pay down the primary PPOR mortgage and live happily ever after. I have talked about this before, have contemplated the thought many many times, but then it dawned on me again that it was exactly this sort of thinking that got me into a bit of a stalemate for the last few years. 

So the main dilemma for me is family time. I want to stop work, or at least not work as much, so that I can spend some more time with my family, with myself, think things through. At the moment, this is not possible; work is super busy and I am left fighting a battle between the things I love doing all taking up the precious little down time I get during the week.   

So the dilemma, or shall I say, conflict in my mind, continues to haunt my drives to work and that precious time just before I go to sleep. Property investing....HTB...wonderful stuff! 

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