Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RBA keeps rates the same and at the same time, becomes boring as batshit

News that the Reserve Bank has kept interest rates exactly where they have since the start of the year is no surprise, and in doing so, have shown how 'safe' the RBA has been over the last little period. Although many of our shares investor cousins are doing it tough (although the smart active ones probably making a lot of dough), the RBA continues to hold the rates. I am beginning to think they are so fixated on keeping inflation at bay, that they are not actually looking at the rest of the data. Of course you'll 'hear' reports that they are, but currently the markets are, in my opinion, looking so negative, that this should have pre-empted a drop in the cash rate, and if this doesn't then what does? For property investors, this continual inflation minimisation policy that the RBA have in place is bad news; we need inflation to help boost our capital gains, but for the immediate future, its not look positive.   

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