Monday, September 12, 2011

What is my PPOR worth in today's market (according to

Purely out of boredom (and the need to kill some time before my next iRacing race), I decided to go on and perform the obligatory search for suburb, house, bedroom, that fits the description of my house. Looking past the outliers (i.e. busy road or weatherboard mainly these days), the cheapest one is $289,000. It does look a little nicer than ours, AND it's in a cul-de-sac, but is it possible that I have just made a quick $30,000 at the purchase of our house? I know, I know, I'm jumping the gun a bit, but the suburb has an aweful lot of potential and the prices, as far as I can see, are on the increase right now. Is it possible that finally we have stumbled onto a winner? Our last one was way back in 2005 when we bought our Miles property, which made a beautiful quick little profit, but it's been a dry patch since. I think though there is one important thing to keep in mind here; we like this place, it suits us nicely and as I had predicted, the smaller block size, while keeping me busy, is easily manageable. After the reno is finished (yes, it's still going), I think it's a place where my little family can put down some roots, a place to call our own, a place for my kids to grow up. Toowoomba is slowly growing on me day by day, I am loving the convenience, the drive to work is quite enjoyable and the climate is currently cool, but bearable.

So, it's a keeper is what I am saying. I'm toying with the idea of rendering the place, but how would that work when all other houses in the street are brick. The cheapest rendered house on the market is $342,000 and for the effort and minimal cost, it could be added to my list of things to do. Anyone with thoughts? I will post this dilemma on Sumersoft, see what responses I get.

Ciao for now. 

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