Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time to spice up this blog a bit!

On odd occasions, I like to see the data that my blogs produce, from views and visitors, to which country they're from and what brand of toilet paper they use. Interestingly, something VERY peculiar occured; during the past month, a blog which I NEVER POST IN, received MORE views than this blog!!!! How could this be? Where has my readership disappeared to? The answer is very straight forward and obvious.

I had one post on the other blog, which I linked to a comment I made on a popular blog; that's it. One popular blog comment, and it resulted in more views than for all my postings on here! So, it's time for a different angle of attack to promote Property Investing in Australia.

So far I have mainly received readers from Somersoft, a forum that I used to frequent, however, when I did not post there, there were no views of this blog. I had attempted to comment on other high hitting keyword related blogs, but to no avail, still no google hits. So, I am going to start doing what others do, just completely FLOG THE CRAP out of my blog. This means Twittering, commenting like crazy (with my blog as a link) and so forth. Maybe I can get more than 3-4 hits per day. Also, I am going to start introducing a lot more photography, something for people to see, not just read. 

Feel free to give me more advice on how to increase my exposure.

Till next time Gadgets...

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