Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out of Flood

Luckily our Brisbane property survived relatively unharmed during the recent round of flooding in Brisvegas. I wish everyone effected by this disaster a quick recovery, both economically and emotionally.

What will happen to the Brisbane market now? I tend to think not a hell of a lot. You see, humans have very short memories and although there may have been a huge flood in 1974, the next one occurred in 2011. That's a 37 year gap to forget, to put it out of our minds, to not worry about. The multi million dollar properties on the river, well, seriously, if you can live there, you can afford the damage bill. There are those people doing it tough right now, but in four to five years we will have to think hard to remember the "inland tsunami" and the 4.6m Brisbane River peak.

Let's see if you can remember the year of these devastating events:

1. Newcastle earthquake?
2. Cyclone affecting Cairns?
3. Cyclone affecting Darwin?
4. Cyclone affecting Innisfail?
5. That huge drought? How long did it last again?
6. When was Birdsville last cut off?
7. Ingham floods?
8. Victoria bushfires?

This is just a tiny list I came up with from the top of my head.

Memory is short, money is king. Long live money.

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