Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A quick shout out....

I have recently had a really positive experience with Andrea Bonner, at LJ Hooker Launceston. She is selling my little house in Invermay, an inner up and coming suburb of Launceston. Andrea has been very professional, even seeking feedback on the re.com.au ad and is an excellent communicator via emails and on the phone. She has never pressured me to do anything and was very patient waiting for us to list after a few months of to and fro-ing on our behalf.

Well done Andrea, it's people like you that give re agents a good name, instead of the usual crappy service and constant pressuring.

I have to be honest, I can not say this about other agencies I have worked with in the past. Rude, arrogant, even going as far as giving me a "put down" about how much I bought the property for...the kind of idiot we can all do without. Anyway, well done Andrea....

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Ben said...

Great to find an RE agent like that isnt it!
Being young investors we get the same old treatment at 95% of open inspection being treated like first home buyers and being brushed off as if we havent got a chance as well as trying to feed us ridiculous statements such as market rent when our research indicates far far less.
We had a similar experience selling our first unit and having someone who respects that YOU are the one who has hired them and asks you for your feedback makes all the difference.
Your on to a winner!