Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cash Flow Positive, or should I say "The Yeti???"

Be on the lookout for a big, hairy beast, lurking in the bushes, very hard to spot and ultimately, very hard to convince people that you've found one. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about cash flow positive investment properties, the elusive beast that lurks in our suburbs, in the regional areas (the bush) and often disguised as something else.

Many many people are on the lookout, many many people troll through countless websites, newspapers, listening intently during IP convos (conversations), and ringing real estae agents feverously. There have been sightings, and in fact, towards the end of 2009, there were many, some even confirmed, but now once again, it is difficult to find these beasts. Perhaps a bit of KFC will lure the hairy ones out....

Good luck in the search....I'm looking, picking up the scent, looking for footprints, listening with sound enhancing devices...they MUST be out there!

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