Sunday, December 6, 2009

OMG...rates are climbing faster than I thought..

Before I could even finish my favourite 2 piece feed from KFC, interest rates have jumped by a MF HUGE 75 base points. The fact that rates are on the way up does not in itself pose a real issue for my portfolio, or the portfolios of most investors I assume, but the rate of the increases is alarming. Three consecutive rises, three more attempts to subdue the good old inflationary influences and already, people are beginning to question the market. Are we heading for a mini USA (dare I say it) "sub-prime-like" offloading? Possibly...I am looking at discounting one of my properties, just to free up some cash flow, but still....people are buying...the new trend feature on (which as an investor I absolutely love) is showing increased interest in properties across Australia. So a dilemma....should I wait, with minimal cash flow, or discount and sell....just to have better SANF.

Meh...I'll leave the thinking till after Christmas I think....

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