Saturday, November 21, 2009

Market news on the thin, and, property managers need to get a grip!

Once again we can see the calm before the storm, as the media give property a bit of a breather before, no doubt, a full out attack at the next interest rate rises.

I've noticed a funny occurrence on the other day. In one of the places I invest, in Queensland, when you search for property in the "City" part of the town, you only get a handful of properties. Not that there isn't a crap load for sale, but because of the boundaries as set by the website I presume. One of my properties that is on the market falls within this boundary and as such, I wonder how many searchers do find it. It is still getting a stead ten hits or so per day, but none the less, I asked the agent to change the search term to the towns name, rather than just "Atown City".

I am now going to have a good old whinge about property managers, just because some of the silly ones I have now, defy belief. I ask you PMs, what is your job? Why am I giving you 10% of the rent? Seriously...why? I would think that amongst your job description it would say "manage maintenance" and "good customer service". But NOOO, one of my places still has a wall leak, one that now has not been attended to for a few months. Come to think of it, I'm shooting off another email. And in another property, a slightly sagging section of ceiling, once again, nothing. Get a grip on reality, property "managers"!!! Get your shit together and DO YOUR JOB!!!!

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