Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cheap Queensland towns....

Someone on my favourite Somersoft forum recently bought up this topic. Below are the top ten cheapest suburbs in QLD...the red is my opinion:

Charleville: $140,000 Far removed from a lot of places.

Tara: $151,000 Possibly the worst socio-economic town in QLD

Gayndah: $155,000 Meh...

Mount Morgan: $160,000 Meh now...

St George: $187,250 From what I hear....dump.

Rockhampton City: $195,000 I don't know why Rocky is so cheap.

Harlaxton: $215,000 ???

Oakey: $216,750 Undervalued, being so close to Toowoomba.

Home Hill: $219,500 Needs more infrastructure.

Stanthorpe: $225,000 I'm biased, but I like this town.

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