Monday, July 27, 2009

Google Real Estate = GOLD = mini review

Google Real Estate is an awesome new product from Google that I have had a little time to play with and I can safely say that you will like it a lot.... It has been done before, but this website brings together the less obscure RE sites and should challenge for usability. It was a little slow for me, but overall, there is added functionality that I have not seen on other sites before. For example, if you scroll to a new location on the map, it will re-calibrate and give you properties in that area, which, in my books, is awesome. There are bargains that you don't see on the major two, which is also handy. For example, I just found beach side land for $200,000ish!!!! Gold! Shame I can't afford it right now.

As with most of Google's products, this one can still be improved, so let's hope there is a little team of monkeys somewhere working on improving this even further (PS. I love all Google monkeys, ops I mean employees, you're doing a great job). I would like to see the properties being able to be sorted by price etc. on the left hand side. The map could differentiate between houses, units, land with different colours, etc. etc. etc. Are you listening google?I have heaps more ideas too. I'll come and work for you for under $100,000 AUD. :)

Have fun with it everyone, I did...


Karen Anderson said...
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Andrew K said...

Thank you Karen...I think. :)