Thursday, June 25, 2009

People deny reality....why?

I would have to say I have by now, must have had over 200 conversations about property in the last 5 years of my life with various individuals. Yes, riveting as they may be, there are so many experts out there, I may as well give up and just follow most people's advice. Care to guess what it is??? Don't invest. Wow, words of's like listening to a potato on how to be a carrot.

Yet in my strange parallel universe all is well with my investments. I am going to continue to buy as much as I can (with some security built in of course). Listening to people who don't invest is a very interesting experience for me, I liken it to getting a tooth extracted. Not just any old tooth, one that is stubborn and requires a lot of wrenching, one that has caused you hell for a few weeks before you went to the dentist. ANYWAY, I feel like telling them to get a grip, but then I remind myself that one day, it could bite me in the arse. I have only been investing for 5 years. I have done quite well and am happy with where I am, but was this all just good luck? Did I just happen to stumble upon building markets and cheap suburbs that have performed well? We'll see....

So until then, I will try my best to continue to show restraint, continue to hold my breath the best I can and watch as these "unlucky" individuals continue to complain about how much fuel costs and heaven forbid, KFC, while not investing their hard earned cash into asset producing investments.

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