Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are people still sitting on their hands?

I was browsing today (as you do), and found that in one particular suburb in Brisvegas there seems to be A LOT of activity at the bottom of the market. Almost all new listings are gone before you can read the dictionary, but I ask myself, what is this indicating? Does it mean the market has started to move again? Doe sit mean that first home buyers in Brisbane are snapping up outer ring cheapies, or does it mean that investors are finally returning? 

See, this is the real dilemma in real estate at the moment. WHAT is happening to the market? The sheer uncertainty in the forums, the lack of sales in many parts of the country, yet lots of activity elsewhere is in fact indicating that we are at the bottom of the current cycle. This inconclusive, incoherent and inconsistent market indicates at least, that people are thinking about RE, which is good news for property owners. 

In other news, IP6 has not gone through just yet. It's time for Round 2, time for the mind games to really begin with the RE out!!!! I'm going to milk ya....well, try anyway...:P

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