Sunday, June 1, 2008

The bargains are starting to come on the market!!!

And off we go Ladies and Gentlemen, the market has turned in favour of the buyers and already we are noticing some excellent IP opportunities. There are houses popping up really cheap, but mind you, some people are still listing over priced properties in the hope, however I see no hope. Bargaining will pay dividends if you are trying to buy at the moment, especially in Brisbane, where some bargains can be had in the fringe suburbs. The non capital market seems to be holding firm, but soon they will give too.

On an off note, I saw an add for brand new house and land packages for $299,000 near Townsville. Yes, that's right, brand new 3brm for under 300K. A sign of the times...


Anonymous said...

If you had done your research you would know that these $299K bargains are actually the dumped product of the CEC group. These properties are known for their inferior build quality and the price reflects this & the fact that the CEC group is liquidating all their none-core assets (dumping everything saleable to help their debt levels). You can buy one if you want.... I wouldn't waste my time personally.

Anonymous said...


I'm enjoying reading your comments. Please don't stop. I'm currently looking at Macleay Island. Good prices there also but obvious turn off for most is that it's an island. I'd love to hear your comments.

Thanks and regards,

Andrew K said...

Thanks for the comments. I too looked at the islands and was very close to buying a block. I hear good things about Macleay, not so much about Russel, where the blocks are really cheap. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

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