Monday, August 13, 2007

Welcome to Property Investing in Australia

Welcome one and all, welcome to a place that will either make sense or not, that will inform or not, that you may like, or not. It is about (amongst other things) property, houses, units, discretionary trusts and negative gearing, all the wonderful elements that make investing in property exciting and unique. Its not just about making money, its about making lots of money and smart thinking. Its about not having to work, work and then work some more, and then wait till you're 65 to start living. Its about strategic purchases, different approaches, its about frustration and success, failure and learning. Hope you visit now and again, get some ideas, think I'm an idiot or someone who is just trying to make a difference...enjoy your read...Andrew K


JR said...

Some more info on your profile would be good.

Mandy said...

Good for people to know.